Brexit and Your Portfolio

As you all know by now, voters in the United Kingdom opted to leave the European Union.  Because the result of the vote caught markets by surprise, there was a big sell-off in stocks last week.  Investors might be wondering what to do with their portfolios – if anything. The following are some initial thoughts on the situation.  Remember, this … Read More

John Oliver’s Look at Retirement Plans – HIGHLY RECOMMEND

For those of you who may have missed the recent episode of “Last Week Tonight” where John Oliver offers his take on retirement plans, I strongly recommend that you watch it. (Here’s a link: It’s worth the 20 minutes. Be warned that there are a few moments of “not safe for work” language, but the message he is getting … Read More

New Website, New Blog

Just a heads up that I am unable to move my old blog posts to the new platform, so I am starting fresh…yet again! Stay tuned for information on investing, retirement, and how to protect your own interests when it comes to your money.